Love and Pain

Love Poems

You wonder why that you cannot sleep

those memories you wish you couldnt keep

of a love that you always knew was wrong

those memories wont let you be strong

You would rather die

than live alone in this world

Once you go, you cannot turn back

and now you have lost track

Life will NEVER be the same

everyday living in the same old pain

You learned the hard way to not let love get in the way

too many heartaches, torture and pain

too many sleepless nights

when all you could do is cry and toss and turn

and living in this world just doesnt feel right

nothing seems worth the pain

you wonder what you could gain

if you tried to live at all

Love and pain

the lord gives us and takes away

and what is left is love and pain

he gives us what he thinks we need and what we deserve

hes there by our sides through all the love and pain  

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teresa_r's picture

I can relate to this
right now I am in so much pain
right now good poem,