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I am always honest, as nothing I can think of would make it wrong. I have a very off-beat sense of humor and am quick with it. One of the happiest things to feel is laughter until the tears stream down your cheeks. I find humor in almost everything but never take anyone's feelings lightly. I am an astute listener as I also believe that if it is important enough for you to say, it is important enough for me to listen and heed what is said.
A simple and easy-going person. Look very decorative, talented, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, I like to read as wide as I can as my heart fell in love with books, and I'm open to discussing anything so long is for the bases of learning and exchanging ideas. I love meeting people from different backgrounds, learning from them, and making them learn from me; I love humanity, plants, and Animals.

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1. I always believe that if God has meant for today to be perfect, he will never create tomorrow!
2. Patience is a flower not found in every man’s garden.


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