What is a poem

what is a poem
is it a prose
story or rhyme
from ages past 
our experiences of our time
Does it need to rhyme
should it be long or short
funny sad or fraught
what should it say about the author
why do we bother
The humble poem is power
the freedom to say to shout
its able to make you laugh
cry and even glower
it is the freedom to say 2 + 2 = 4
not to be a metaphor
I can write to you me deepest fears
greatest achievements
sweep aside etiquette 
say fuck you to PC
I can talk to the world
open myself like a tin of beans
be a wonder or has been
I can be rich or poor
healthy or dieing on the floor
Cancer can eat me alive 
goverments destroy me
I can commit suicide
live a hundred years
The fat can be thin
and the thin fat
you can be what you like
the facism of life does not exist
for the humble poem
You may be intelligent 
stupid or just plain belligerent
you can be a peasent of the past
or tyrant of the present
what is a poem
its whatever you desire
a cloak of anonymity 
or emotions laid bare
so when all is said and done
when you return to being you
remember these lines
for no matter what you and me
are always free, when reading poetry
if it's fact or fiction 
What is poetry, is an expression of you....
Author's Notes/Comments: 

A thank you to a friend who helped reconnect to poetry.

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Nocnitsa's picture

Well written...

I liked your other one about ignorance is bliss as well.  Poetry -if I may add my 2 cents- is a "Hellow World, this is me..."

"I have become a second generation cosmic being, I am conceived in the womb of nature, in my own mind... In the womb of the universe."

Tooka-Ra's picture

It is whatever you want it to

It is whatever you want it to be, old friend. No limits, no impossibilities. And hence, the pure beauty and freedom of poetry.


allets's picture


Any emotion will do



Tooka-Ra's picture

true, true... so true

true, true... so true