Here’s to the mothers.

Fathers, sons, and all their brothers.

Here’s to the wives.

Mothers, daughters, and all their sisters.

Here’s to the Heroes.

For the Queen and Her colours.

Here’s to the families

Or maybe just lover’s.

Here’s to the mates.

You’re fellow comrades in arms.

And here’s to the calendar

To remember the dates.

Here’s to the battles.

The dead and the maimed,

To the thousand’s of mines.

Which leaves the land unclaimed.

Here’s to the artillery.

All the tanks and the planes.

And here’s to the memories,

Life, being never the same.

Here’s to Mr Klashnikov.

And Slobbadan Milosivitch.

Here’s to the burned out townships

They’re dead in the ditches.

Here’s to democracy and Freedom

The right to bear arms.

Here’s to Uncle NATO who watches.

While the Serbs burn the farms.

God Bless America

Clinton and Blair

Asleep safe in bed

While you’re over there.

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Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Interesting, Jim with all that is going on. Crazy stuff, isn't it? Hope you are safe and well! It was great to hear from you! Keep writing & posting :)