I always hate it when someone follows me on Twitter or Instagram or friend requests me on Facebook but has a private account.  Now if I know you in real life, this may not be a problem.  If I know you in real life, I already know whether or not you are worthy of friendship or following.


If I don’t know you then I won’t to go on your page and see a few of your posts.  I want to investigate a little before I make the decision to follow back or accept friend request. 


Obviously, the bots are easily detectable and automatic declines.  If I see words like bitcoin or entrepreneur, I know it’s some kind of scam.  If the first post on the account asks me if I like sex or mentions What App, it’s time to move on.  For real people, I least want to see if you have a pet or read poetry or like to travel.  I want to make sure you’re not a Nazi or something of the sort.


I keep all my posts fully public.  Anything that needs to be kept private won’t be posted at all.  Anyone can go on my page and see what I’m about.  I’m fully transparent except the stuff I lie about.  Hey, I tell everyone upfront that my posts are a hybrid of fact and fiction.  But at least you know right off the bat.  Is it asking too much to expect the same courtesy in return?



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Great Commentary

And the reason I shut down fb. Too intrusive - too many strangers to delete. Ha!  I have stamps!

Lady A




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There is a lot of good that

There is a lot of good that COULD come from social media.  It's just that too many people fall into the traps and wander down rabbit holes often of their own making.

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thank you


an informative poem

and an important message


thank you



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thank you.  I just wanted to

thank you.  I just wanted to let off a little steam about social media