I’m not serious enough and I like to play devil’s advocate and I am sometimes not so culturally sensitive and my brain has been numbed by drugs, alcohol and Mad Magazine.  There were porno flicks and other corruptive influences but I can’t find it in me to just blindly fall in line and believe in the necessity of following all their rules and the etiquette espoused doesn’t seem to make any sense.


I’ll be that cantankerous crank spewing incisive venom; never sparing the rod.  The righteous are full of shit and I would be remiss to tell them to go fuck themselves but I have no patience left for people telling me how to think.  My thoughts flow like a waterfall and they run along the stream; white water crashing into rocks and the sunlight peaks through the trees and I ain’t worried about who else is up on the mountain.  Twisting through impeachment trials and eased marijuana laws abroad I take a toke on life and find myself somewhere over the rainbow and looking back through the fog that remains etched in my mind.  I’ll be forewarned about eating psilocybin mushrooms at Allman Brothers concerts and I’ll not pay much attention and the hookers of Amsterdam already know me by name.


My empathy for the downtrodden has found its limits and I don’t believe in their gods.  I like casual sex; good beer and I’ve developed a fondness for powerful hallucinogens.  I ain’t much concerned who knows I advocate freedom but I ain’t about to sacrifice myself to atone for someone else’s sins and I’ll eat meat on Friday not concerned with any fissures developing in society.  None of it is really any of my business and everyone wants me to conform to some other standard set of rules for thought and behavior but I kind of got used to being this way and I don’t feel much inclined to change my way for others.


And I’ll not apologize for Deadheadism or allegiance to the Simpsons.  I’ll believe in wandering space like Star Trek or Sun Ra and I’ll be irritating and do my damndest to get under your skin.  But it’s only a farce; please take my word always with a teaspoon full of salt and maybe learn to laugh; a little humor never hurt anyone and I hope the pundits will be able to understand that it’s just the way that I am.


I’ll be wearing shorts in December or eating bowls of cereal at midnight with complete disdain for these rules of law and order

that have no relevance and all this bureaucracy is falling on deaf ears.  I can not hear a thing and everyone is all too serious

but I’m still playing devil’s advocate and madcap prankster of life laughing all the way to my grave, at least, if not the bank.




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