HOW TO WIN FRIENDS WITH SALAD (a response to Homer Simpson)



They always say that no great story begins with “I ordered a salad.” You also have Homer and Bart mercilessly mocking Lisa with their taunt of “You don’t win friends with salad."

But I beg to differ on this short-sighted attitude.  I did recently have an evening that started off with a salad.


Of course, upon first taste, I noticed that they may have used a substitute for oregano when seasoning the salad.  It was a curious flavor and I thought Pepe Le Pew might approve.  And as I took a few bites and try to guess what kind of mushrooms they were using in the salad.  I quickly ruled out shitake, baby morel and portobello.


Suffice to say, the evening became increasingly animated as the sun set over a mountain and the stars began to twinkle in the sky.  It ended up being a long, long night and the server of that salad did in fact win a friend.


salad for Deadheads

an illuminating taste

set soul on fire


an evening fully captured

bright colors and light resound



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