Wow, are these people for real?  I just saw someone on social media making a public service announcement to that to certain commitments in their life, they would not be on social media for 3 days.  Are you kidding me?  You could have taken the weekend off and gotten whatever rest you need, recharged your battery or taken care of whatever business.  You could have come back on Monday morning and nobody would have noticed you were missing.  Are you that desperate for attention and affirmation that you have to make such a pronouncement?


We would have gotten along just fine all weekend without any of your inspirational posts.  You can take a couple days off social media anytime and the world will survive.  The only people that might miss you for that short a period have lives even more pathetic than your life.  Maybe that’s why you need to make the announcement.  They always tell you that somebody out there has it worse off than you do.  I guess this is your way of confirming that old adage.


Would be superstar

announcement to nobodies

boundless vanity


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