There was one Saturday afternoon when I was killing time by watching “Baywatch”.  Now I know poets aren’t supposed to admit to watching anything like “Baywatch”  but I must come clean and confess my sins.  I am, after all, only a man.


But I must have been getting punished for my sin because I didn’t catch a very good episode.  In this episode, a love interest to Hasselhoff’s character had a disease and was dying.  They had a lot of scenes dealing with death.


They were trying to be real serious in handling the issue.  They kept talking about how you have to seize the moment and enjoy the present.  There were numerous yowls about the unfairness of life.


David Hasselhoff and the rest of the cast were making an effort at serious acting.  They were really trying to convene actual emotion the horror of witnessing a young vibrant woman dying an untimely death.


But all I could think of while watching the wooden performances was, come on now, This would be a good time to cut to Pamela Anderson jogging on the beach.  I mean that is the purpose of the show.  You got to hate it when people suddenly get delusions about being something other than what they are.


If I wanted to watch a serious event, I would tune in to a real drama.  It was a bit painful watching Hasselhoff pretending to be a real dramatic actor.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t the one stuck watching it.  It was just my bad luck to tune in for that episode.  And that just makes it worse than it really is.





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Pam A

I thought, that looks fun and good exercise. I saw a few epidides, bad script, terrible acting - I went and watched grass grow. 



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It was always supposed to be

It was always supposed to be eye candy but sometimes Hasselhoff got delusional