We all want to write our homage to the virtue or lack thereof in the Trenton Transit Center.  This is that magical location where Septa meets NJ Transit and Philly and New York get to butt heads over football teams and other such nonsense.  Of course, once Henry Rollins pontificates on a subject, the matter is pretty much closed.  The rest of us can merely dream.  The 24 hour mayhem has been immortalized in his words


the dregs, the junkies

they get their 15 minutes

in punk rock rantings


It goes without say that we all have found a reason to be there at some odd moment.  We have to wait for a 5 AM train or we’re snagging a McNugget 6 pack when nothing else is open and it is Trenton.  The 24 hour pizza joint at the end of the station was always a joy.;


3 AM pizza

cautiously sneaking quick slugs

Cooper River flask



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