I’m just walking around the concourse between sets.  I needed to utilize the facilities and figured I might visit the water fountain if the line wasn’t too long.  I'm sifting through my thoughts and processing the first set when I suddenly hear loud applause.

“Oh Shit!” I think they must be getting ready to start the second set.  I’m way out here in the boondocks with a bunch of stoned, crazed hippies instead of inside with equally stoned, crazed hippies.  Panic stricken, I go racing back to my section so as to not miss a beat.

I turn into to reenter the arena and the lights are still turned on.  It’s the fucking wave!  Everyone is cheering because some morons started the wave.  I go rushing back for no good reason.  I hate when that happens.  I get myself all worked up and all for naught.  I will now have to sit around and wait another 15 minutes for the music to start.

I’m gonna sit here and brood until the music finally starts.  I may even brood about for the first song of the second set.  And I am refusing to participate in the wave on general principle.  I’ll calm down but it really makes me wish I paid more attention to the Maharishi when I had the chance.


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Good Story Lesson

for concert goers. Wave off  the wave? Tee hee hee.



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are we mere sports fans or

are we mere sports fans or are we music lovers?