And now Hunter S Thompson is on Charlie Rose on PBS and the ‘shrooms are still kicking in at full bloom.  And I notice sirens outside and learn that someone on the block called the cops.  They are looking for a suspicious person and they knock on my door to ask if I’ve seen anything.


Now, I’m tripping my face off and smoothly trying to get them to just go away.  I’m calm although my inner Paranoid-man is breathing heavily with an irregular heartbeat.  It was a transcendental moment as I just inform them that I really have limited vision from my sofa.


I’m clutching a copy of the Constitution with a Bill of Rights bookmark received from the ACLU.  Just let them try to come in and fuck with me.  Hemmingway will back me brain spilled in the orange juice notwithstanding.  I’ll pursue the issue just to piss off the pundits.


HST (not Harry S Truman) on Charlie Rose and Stoudt’s Abbey Triple being poured into a proper chalice for intense drinking experience and the ‘shrooms keep telling me not to worry about the cops.  The 4th Amendment kind of coming into play here.


And I’m remembering Bill Murray’s effort in Where the Buffalo Roam and appreciating the performance.  The beer and the ‘shrooms keep telling that the Constitution still has meaning.  The cops go away and I return to the sofa and my beer.  For about 3 minutes, I remember why I decided to become an artist.  I still see the sirens outside.  The cops are now talking to my nosy neighbor that no one really likes.  I can imagine she’s dishing out dirt on everyone especially me.


I go back to the show.  I notice my sweaty palms have damaged the cover of my copy of the Constitution.  No worries, I have several more buried someone in a closet.  The letters on the cover begin to dance.  Hunter Thompson is talking about a book he wrote.  I’m at the bottom of the chalice and will soon have to decide the next beer to consume as I notice the police sirens are gradually disappearing down the street.


This one was written after a Hunter S Thompson appearance on Charlie Rose originally aired on 6/13/97.


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I Liked

"the Constitution still has meaning" and the "sweaty palm" sequence made me snicker. U R A Good man. Thanks for being there. ~S~



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I'm trying to keep afloat

I'm trying to keep afloat although I have aged a decade in the past three months

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cool write. enjoyed

cool write. enjoyed

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much thanks, indeed.  Glad

much thanks, indeed.  Glad you liked it