Hearing a car door opening and wondering which neighbor it is coming in at 3:17AM.  I’m impressed and happy that someone else is also up at this ungodly hour.  Someone else is living their life while I’m hiding out in here at home just drinking a beer and watching TV. 


Nothing much is happening on this front but the beer tastes pretty damn good.  A rerun of Benson airs on the TV.  I assure myself that tomorrow night will bring more adventure as I anticipate live music downtown in Philly.


But for tonight I’m playing lame kicking back inside safe from the chaos of the world.  I hear talking outside.  The volume begins to increase.  They are having an argument.  Maybe they’ll get laid after they make up.  I’m alone but it’s nice to believe that at least someone is getting laid tonight.


I just go back to my beer and my TV set filled with limited action and relatively thin plot line.  Eventually I’ll sleep and I know that I need the sleep.  I need that rest to get myself back in sync to face the rapidly approaching day.




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I wake and sleep when I wanna. 3pm could be lights out. I hope they got laid. ~S~~



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I'm far too shy to ask

I'm far too shy to ask