Buying beer to go and having the bartender placing the beer on a cardboard container.  That’s all good and well but the beer has to be carried more than a mile to get to its destination.  A bag will be required to safely transport the liquid gold.  I politely ask the bartender if he can put the beer into a bag so I can minimize the risk of dropping the beer.

The bartender wants to know if I’ve fallen behind on my levitation skills.  Obviously I have and I don’t want to practice on quality beer.  I only use cheap beer when I try to hone my levitation skills.  That way when the cans drop to the ground and break, it won’t be the loss of anything special.  It would be great if I could walk and have the beer float along in the air following me on my path.

We have to preserve that beer.  We have to consider both the tangible and intangible loss. The tangible loss is a damaged can and some spilled fluid.  But what of that intangible loss we incur?  Think of the pleasure to be had in drinking the beer.  There is the joy that comes from slowly consuming the beer and ruminating over life.  We can’t forget the peaceful, easy feeling that comes from relaxing with a beer.

We also must consider the loss of the beer itself.  As Homer Simpson once rued after spilling beer. “That beer will never get the chance to become my urine.” It’s also a loss for the beer.  It will simply evaporate on the sidewalk.  Sure the sidewalk may endure a temporary stain but it will never get to pass through someone’s digestive system and become urine.

At the risk of getting too deep, these are things that we should always be considering.  We make decisions and take actions every day.  Let’s not forget that our decisions and actions do have consequences.  Let’s make sure we can live with the decisions and consequences we make.


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good choice! ~S~



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no worse than wine in a box

no worse than wine in a box