Incidentally. . .the wars of humanity are still raging as some move forward and others move backwards.  It’s a wheel spiraling loose from its axis jettisoning towards the Statue of Liberty.  It smacks directly into Lady Liberty leaving a noticeable blemish that some refuse to see.  The endless bloodshed from blows and arrows rains like monsoon; slingshots ricocheting stones off the skulls of innocent children.  The manifestation of reason is violently suppressed by mob mentality as a hungry, angry mob forms around Town Square.  We’re all refusing to hear the other side of the story.  We ignore the plight of the downtrodden anchored on the other side of the tracks.  We watch young men and women being sacrificed; led to the slaughter.  No one knows who is right or when it will all come to an end.  It just goes on and on without any end in sight and victory remains elusive for all.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

inially written as a poem in the early 90's but later mutated into a short prose piece

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End The Wars

And deployment on foreign soils and put those huge dollars into infrastructure and building new inner city schools. Civil unrest could morph into a rearranging of national priorities. To b hoped. 




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would be nice.

would be nice.