There was an old mansion in Croydon.  It was built along the Delaware River by a Dutch trader.  The trader built a fortune in China and amassed a stunning collection of artifacts from China.  This mansion was also rumored to be a stop along the Underground Railroad in the 19th Century.  There was an old tunnel leading down to the river.  It eventually was abandoned and allowed to decay.  The ruins stood for years before finally being torn down.  For us youth, it was an interesting place to sneak into to drink beer and smoke pot.  No one worried about hazards like rusty nails and termite compromised wooden floors in those innocent times.  Most of us didn’t appreciate the history—real or otherwise.  It was thought to be haunted and we often heard footsteps of ghosts or curious rodents.


An old white mansion

Sitting by the riverside

Keg on splintered floor


Ghosts creeping on upper floor

Bong hits are slowly exhaled.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The name of the fabled now leveled mansion was China Retreat although many locals erroneously referred to it as China White.  That's a potent form of heroin so I really hope there's not more involved with their mistake.

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