Autumn evening filled with inebriated hopes and lusts.  I am thinking and praying but the convoluted thoughts are just not making much sense.  I wallow through the world wind at my back.  Stars twinkle down.  I can hear their laughter clearly.  Like a helium balloon my heart rises to the occasion.  Strong lager is wielding influence over the brain.  I wander the night of decadence and sodomy.  I tried to resist.  I am not strong.  I have sullied my soul.  The drunken state leaves me in a frenzy.  The musk air is brink and lightly brushes my bare arms.  Whistles scream out.  Hard claps are heard in the distance.  The chants of angels are echoed throughout.  The curse of Prometheus is laid upon me.  But I remain hopeful that things will pull through.  It always happens that way?







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The rock and roller, right. My mythology is fadin'. :) Ah, liver rejuvenated eaten daily by eagle--bones for meat revenge. FIRE deliverer. Hmmm. Gave us the arts! Ohhhhh...




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still trying, still striving

still trying, still striving