Thoughts burn thru the chaos

                                in my mind

I attempt to see thru the madness;

                            the insanity

                of our world


My American Dream has been dreamed

                                             for me

My occupational goals have been


No longer am I allowed to dream

                              my own dreams


But I decided to resist the weight

                               being dropped

                                     upon me

My fingers extend out beyond

                                     their grasp

and I reach for the heavens


I am not satisfied to be

                       a mere pawn

                         in their game

I reach up for the skies and

                         the sun above

Soon I realize the possibility

             of human transcendence

and it is all right


Perhaps I’ll be able to raise

                            my soul

or sink under the sea

           and walk among

                      sea creatures

I suppose the limitations exist

             only in my own mind


Dec. 1985-Jan. 1986


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How'd It Turn Out?

sorry. change of direction is good. :D



georgeschaefer's picture

well, I'm still here aren't

well, I'm still here aren't I?