Dancing around Europe

on a shoestring;

tripping on the shoestring

somewhere in Prague;

bruised, batter, still alive


Need to buy a new shoestring

and relace the shoe;

It’s gonna be all right

Marley wouldn’t sing it

if it weren’t the truth


all the signs are written

in some strange Slavic tongue;

but the beer is cheap

and the transit sufficient


I question the saints

that line the Carl Bridge

I spit in the Vtlala River

and curse my blasted luck

that winds me up in a tiff


surprisingly, I stammer a smile

as I face the dawn

and the morning sun threatens

to be a searing ray gun

bleary bloodshot eyes face the sky


I must replace the broken shoestring

so I can march unimpeded

through the remainder of the trip

that now seems arduous

although I determine to press on


Shedding another layer of skin

seemed to be necessary

and a reckoning to notice danger

that creeps around foggy evenings

in a haze of absinthian fog


I’ll make it home again

after I relace my shoe

and saunter along the railways

to trapse around the continent

with very little deterrent