(insert quote from Ginsberg)


So I went out

for a beer or two

and figured I could

slip into the bathroom

to do bong hits

with my little coca-cola bong

that I bought

at a headshop in Frisco


the cute bartendress flirts a little

and she is so fine

with long endless legs

that run all the way up

to the glean in my eyes

still glazed over from the bong hits

snuck in the bathroom


and I have to sample

these different beers

Ale is truly the nectar

of the gods—

at least the gods

that I worship


after all, as the Hindus say,

you gotta enjoy life:

you only live 6,000 times

I think I’m on #2,383

Or is it 2,384?


One or the other

but anyway

to get back to my story

you gotta try

all these different ales

at different ale houses


did I mention

sneaking bong hits

in the bathroom

with my little coca-cola bong

I got at a headshop

In San Francisco?


and flirt back with the bartendress

who’s so cute and friendly

and working for her money

I guess I’m repeating myself

over and over

we’re beyond the ales

and the alehouses


and we’re dancing

on the graves

of our forebearers

and all they do is bitch

about their problems

and the ills of the world


“Fuck it all!”

but keep trying

to fit into the mix

if that’ll make you

feel any better

about all this shit


I can’t help you

with any profound secrets

of the universe

even if I knew

I’m too much a whore

to ever tell you




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This made me smile. Very

This made me smile. Very entertaining. xP

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always glad to provide a

always glad to provide or induce a smile