Pensive in Croydon

colors blazing intensely

lazy day complete


afternoon furiously

fighting for extra moments



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You nailed it. I can't

You nailed it. I can't imagine a better way to sculpt the experience of being encased in a slow-moving day. From "colors blazing intensely" to an "afternoon furiously / fighting for extra moments" you managed to dilate time with stunning poetic finesse. Amazing. 

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thank you for your kind words

thank you for your kind words and thanks for reading/commenting

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Time Trapped

The two end lines rock - time captured in the frame plumbs the contemplative moment.  Inside them, each image advances the sap-thick time-lapse photography in transition, a tribute to all things slow. Mental letharhy meets world caught in enigmatic inertia  vs relentless inevitability of physical temporary temporality. I love poems about time moving forcing us to enter the experience.

Nice "f"s. 


A righteous write!





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or we can just continue to

or we can just continue to sit there meditating on emptiness.  Either way, time ignores our sorrowful plight.