what always gets

me in trouble

is that I can’t

write until late


I’ll try all evening

to tap a flow

but no, nothing.

It won’t come


When it gets late

and I’m starting

to think of bed

I’ll start getting ideas


then I’ll be writing

on and on as the hours

continue rolling along

 depriving me of sleep


the worse ones, though,

are the ones when

I get undressed

and climb into bed

and get good and comfy


then it’ll be like 2:37 AM

or some time like that

and I’ll have to pop

out of bed butt naked

to write something down


and then I won’t

be able to sleep

for the rest of the night

because of it


but then again

I guess everyone has

problems in their life

and at least mine

brings some fulfillment


not everyone in the world

is a lucky enough person

to be able to do this shit


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That's Write

It's the poet's life for me. Slammed the last line!



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luck has a lot more to do

luck has a lot more to do with it than deserves