Reggae cries of madness echo thru

             the unconscious windfall of secrecy

             while the remains of Ancient cities

             fill up a dream world of Aztecs

                           and Stonehenge


Aphrodite remained unchallenged in

                 the hearts of young men though

                 the Trojan Horse felled an empire

                 while the knife slid thru the back

                           of the night


                Future—future unblemished

                       by the reverberations

                       of chainsaw massacres

               and mediocre vibes


Sipping conscience I extend my hand

                         to congratulate the winners

               who walked over me; defeated me

                      but as yet I am not destroyed


           “the battle is lost; but the war. . .”


Two eyes glare into sunset

                              horses gallop thru

                                        the bronze forest

           birds of wrath defecate

                     bombs of destruction

             attack like Jap fighter planes

                    over Pearl Harbor


                  “Sony won again, eh?”


Seems like this forever. . .


January 16,1989


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Oh my god


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I'm hoping it's a good OMG?

I'm hoping it's a good OMG?