It’s time for me

to take sick, perverted fantasy

and try to mold it

into some form of art


and we’ll always have

the few, the truly stupid

take it at face value


so it’s always my fault—

all the tragedies of life

I’m the culprit responsible

for all the carnage


I’m the one that tells

the kids to do dope

and have premarital sex

and ignore all traffic signs


I’m the bad influence

I tell you not to listen

to the House of Representatives


Ain’t gonna listen

to the Old presidente

who didn’t inhale

and can’t keep his zipper up


and I’ll be the drunk

and the idiot who just can’t

keep his damn trap shut


and no one will notice

or even care about

all the subtle nuances

and the flow of words


It’s always about the kids

but they’ve found the code

to access the dirty channels

and watch soft core flicks


and just who exactly

are we trying to kid anyway

with our lies and deceit?


It’s just a game

and the kids are used

like weapons in the game

I ain’t sure what exactly

They want to prove


But I’ll toss it down

without regard to consequence

It’s ain’t like I created

the world in which I live


I merely survive

and occasionally thrive

but I don’t want the rap

for someone else’s

failed responsibility




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"It’s just a game and the

"It’s just a game

and the kids are used

like weapons in the game

I ain’t sure what exactly

They want to prove"

there thou sayest true...

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thank you kindly

thank you kindly

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  • Hasn't changed much. Kids get uncensored info on line. After they finish playing soldad of fortune. Conditioning generations to kill - nothing new, we had cowboys and badges and Audy Murphy. 
  • ~S~



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one thing I have found funny

one thing I have found funny is how many poems I wrote during the Clinton regime that took on increased resonance in the trump regime.  Now we'll see how things go with Old Uncle Joe.