confronts me

I sit lonely

looking out window

neon lights flickering

the building across the street

silhouettes and shadows enter

my fear of ghosts and ghouls undeterred

wanting to party but still too bashful



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"Silouhettes and shadows"


Something or someone there to create the proofs od solidities as presence that expulses onlyness - there are billions pressing against umbra - hopefully for a long while yet. We, poets of the net, speak across the chasm of disquieted silence. A moment only of isolation here. This is well said and felt.  ~S~




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I'm striving.  This one is

I'm striving.  This one is going to appear in a publication called The Alien Buddha Skips the Party.  I am not sure as to the release date.  I will post the information when it happens.

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Fear is such a lonely experience.

Great write.  ---  Stephen

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much thanks, kind sir

much thanks, kind sir