I ate the sunflower seeds

scattered about the table

in endless masquerade

of chitter chatter malarkey

of the plight of winged doubters


My vision propelled into uneasy orbit

across the dining room floor

glancing up and down the china & lace

      feathers of a different dove

elucidated in perpetual longing


The same old house in its half divine

simplicity of  brilliant light

Hope left so divine in venial sin

for apocalyptic, blasphemous lust


pandering in duality the dreams

     of youth


but in twisted, effulgent chimera

the poet’s eye sough obscene purity

in the dashing heroics of saints

My fraudulent vision left no scars

no remnants of poetry or dream


Tangible reasons for movement;

the spirit rising like a phoenix

the naked need for food

and lust for passionate pulse of life

Interplay along elaborate streams

     of consciousness


Angelic whispers dampered into

frazzled brain cells meandering

over plausible dreamlife hopes

    with faith & life

needless thought provocation

of visions listed truthfully


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allets's picture

"frazzled brain cells"


Yes! That's it! The defnition and cause of what this feeling is at operation. Used brain defrazzler needed desperately. Chuckle, (if you dare).




georgeschaefer's picture

surprising since they were

surprising since they were sunflower seeds and not morning glory seeds