we rise

from ashes

step thru decay

a purple sunrise

promises a new day

relatively calm moments

conceal the storm that’s a brewing

a mighty beast shaken from slumbers

with chaotic vision; blistering hope



Author's Notes/Comments: 

in truth, an etheree

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I have had many days like

I have had many days like that.  I should like to think that, when those days are summed up, the purple sunrise fully triumphs over the awakened beast and heals the blistered hope.  Since I was nine years old, Easter has been my very favorite holiday, and your poem brilliantly and succinctly summons back to me, in this dim gray winter, a sense of the joy of this next Easter, with its purple sunrise and calming moments.  Thank you, sir, for posting this.


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purple sunrises are the best.

purple sunrises are the best.