Stepping into Hotel Kyev

on a rainy afternoon

after playing chicken

with a Slovakian pigeon;

more arrogant

than a dirty bird in NYC


I think I won

this encounter

at least that’s the score

reflected on my scorecard

reflecting off the bubbles

in the beer glass

I continue to sip






Author's Notes/Comments: 

although from what I understand this hotel has now been closed down.  Pity, it was an incredible place.

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Very interesting to know you

Very interesting to know you were in Kiev. Have you traveled much in that region?  Please forgive my nosy questions, but I find that area fascinating.


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I was only in Kiev on

I was only in Kiev on layovers in 2016 when I went to Georgia and Armenia.  the Hotel Kyev is in Bratislava, Slovakia.  I was there in 2011 en route to Prague.  The hotel from an article I recently read has since closed but it was a pretty intense place.  It was the greatest breakfast buffet I ever experienced.