The animal stars claim out lights for all to see

Well, we’re here with an unconquered beast left

roaming in Greece where asphalt gods litter the beach

and Nietzsche walked off in despair


I wandered the subway of life

along tunnels of vision and light, darkness

Be forewarned of the evil here it retains

Armed, deadly all force to ravage the best


Shooting thru ears are sounds of sweet subway cars

under pink fluorescent light

A tree outside is allowed air and soon grows

to a large beanstalk; on the other side is gold

                                          and wealth


so Jack flew over

Juicer Dan left in a pick-up truck

and the three of us sifted thru New York streets

and the O’Learys spotted us but no search warrants

                                   were granted


We walked on our way to jazz club

on 8th Avenue for breakfast of eggs and vodka

but now we’re along

Art Blakey jams on

I am left over yonder again—deprived

I’d like to see it all myself someday


We’re all wondering who and why it all tore down

and left wing politics are in shambles after three

              world wars

Silence cuts deep into the night


These groans are cried out in dark night and

                  desperate dares

I left feeling unwanted and feeling sorry

Bums crawl out like maggots and I feel sad

Seeing a rat scurry across my brain

left indelible scars and the stars stir me on


Flying in right time

I praise and hope for rain in despair

I feel the need to feel the need

I have to have to have


I leave her scathing

She wanted my soul; I refused

“I’ll not make a whore of my soul!” I declared

and left of the noblest courage declaration of



Now I left the scar along my waistline

and rolled on into the night

they needed the dark light

I was broke so I did it for a couple big ones

All right, I ain’t had no food for weeks and

                    out of job


tears rise for fear of death

It seems harsh and cruel to carry on

but nonetheless I must motor on

as I slide thru the tainted rainbow


All and all it just goes on

I keep heading out into the streets

trying to find a Chinese restaurant

and a place to lay my head

We smile, remembering Art Blakey

             and Friedrich Nietzsche



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I believe written around 1989-1990.  The Art Blakey reference refers to a jazz club in Manhattan that closed around 1988 or so.  Art Blakey used to play Saturday night (Sunday monring) from 3:00AM to 7:00AM.  Eggs and and bacon and Bloody Marys and Art Blakey.  That was life.

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