An American highway was inhabited

                          by aliens

I saw them out on the highway

                        coughing up blood

and laying bleeding on the street

I made an attempt to help them

but I was told it was against the law

At a certain point, I broke down in tears

                              at the paysans

                              and streetwalkers

maybe I should let them suffer

I can do nothing, I have no jobs to give

I can do nothing, I have no money to give

                        so I leave it up to you

knowing full well you won’t

and I’ll be back here helping out

as soon as I have the means



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a high school spin

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The Highway As Emblematic


Altruism us highly under rated. Each act is the means. Cool poem. To be contemplated at least once annually. 




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I'm still trying to help

I'm still trying to help others and help myself--as foolish as that may seem