then there was

the first time

I read at Nuyorican’s

It turned out to be

a real disaster

I wasn’t aware

of how it would work

or where it would lead

It turned out

that I didn’t get up

to read until 3:00AM

and, of course,

I was pounding 12 ouncers

all night long

I got up to read

and went into

an unplanned impersonation

of the Tasmanian Devil

It was spot,

which would be great

except I actually was

trying to enunciate words

It was all “Blagh, Blagh, Blagh”

I just slinked off

the stage in horror

It was a terrible turn of luck

and I’m just glad I survived





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Once Only

At a fund raiser for Haiti I did a performance piece - not too shabby. There will be no repeats.



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I enjoy reading live.  Most

I enjoy reading live.  Most of my work is designed for spoken word events anyway.  Just this was a not so good performance.