Passing thru N. Philly Station

after singing the blues

and passing on Afghani


Heading home again

eyes tired; mind too numb

to think Rimbaud, Nietzsche



the vision was eclipsed

along the breeze of a river

as boats splashed thru

the Delaware and the winds

of Kabul were silenced


Alone in a moment

and thinking poetry

which ultimately means

making poetry


the gall of the whole situation

is quite laughable

but indeed, is saying nothing

I have said everything


It’s not enough

It’s more than enough


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Poetry vs Afghanistan

19 year war. Usa focusing on the East as Shanghai gets absorbed into China and seaways are poised to close and control commerce. Treaty countries only - usa backed out. Repercussions: China companies delisted from wallstreet - China buys farm goods elsewhere - not usa farmers. We shall see - 3-5K usa military "advisors" will shift supply chains, alter monetary flow, affect millions of citizens. Afghani is about to slide out of the public usa discourse. Thought inspiring write.



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and all because I settled for

and all because I settled for a slice of pizza instead of dining at an Afghani restaurant