Shaving after
smoking a joint

is not a good idea


and now the PTA

is pissed off

because I made a joke

about smoking weed


You shouldn’t joke

about cutting yourself shaving

It could be serious:

You might get gangrene.


The kids might be impressed

and they might wanna

be like you


which is farfetched

I don’t think too many teenagers

will idolize

a fat bald guy

who gets cut shaving


I’m sure maybe there’s

a few computer geeks

surfing the net

looking for a raw antihero

to fill a void in their lives


but I doubt

it’s the next craze

I ain’t turning heads

or making impressions


Teenage boys and girls mock me

with my limpid walk

and my girth and hairline


It’s not like

I’m some new guru

reeking charisma

leading children  down

the path of unrighteousness


but the censors

and the safety mothers

will continue their attack

and it’s not because

they are offended

but because I might be a bad influence


and they don’t realize

that no one wants to be like me

and that’s just the way I like it




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Charlesque Verse

What it is voice. With a punch. :D




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hoping that's something good

hoping that's something good