It isn’t fair

that a stoner underachiever

like me

is able to have

so much fun

and get to go off

on all these little adventures


and as I climb

the Adirondacks

or swim in creeks

in Vermont

I remember a line

or two

of philosophy


I think of Nietzsche

as I take another sip

off my little glass

It, at times,

is almost too much

to comprehend


Drift down 42nd Street

and the folly of my youth

transformed into

a fucking Disneyland

in the wrong place


It isn’t fair

and it’s my albatross to bear

that the Chestnut Cabaret

is a fucking furniture store

Many venues torn down

just giant holes

that were once

Giant Holes

of introspection and transcendence


but I can do nothing

but enjoy the weather

rain or shine

and just be happy I’m alive


and by the end

of this sentence

I am hoping

that you will be too.


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Cities Crumble

Old haunts gone, in Detroit The Graystone Ballroom could not be salvaged but we kept The Fox and Music Hall downtown. Pingree Park is there for dreamers of The Arcade and United Artist and Flaming Embers. :D





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It does suck when a classic

It does suck when a classic venue gets torn down.