I have become ruler

of darkness

and master of madness

and these archaic motifs

can not stymie the spirit


as poetry can well

and privately my thoughts

become more lucid


as the passion is lit

and various flames have

been sparked up on the way

from here to there


and it’s scary in here

but the drums race

like my heart

in terrifying rapture


but I am not

above the chaos

I am merely

on a par with the chaos


and zaniness and craziness

do not matter anymore;

the madness has reached

an epic proportion


This coda to my youth

comes much later

than anyone expected;

new chapters abound

regardless of the cynics


and I am caught up

in the jaws of Blakean angels

that don’t seem

to accept my neutral position

on all the issues


I am expected

to choose a side

in this ongoing intrigue

but I am seeing evil

on both sides of the battlefield


and all I really wanna do

is find adventure in life

and these petty disputes

over politics and turf

aren’t really my cup of tea




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Par with chaos, evil on every

Par with chaos, evil on every political front - that's hilarious. Hedonism is better - I'm takin' lessons!