Eying up a cute

19 year old co-ed

I think of the pervert

I have become


Hell, at 25

I am still hopeless;

a head case

happy for beer, weed

and the occasional lay


it isn’t really enough


else I wouldn’t

have toughed it out

with the jottings

all these years


I might have been

something else

anything else


but it really is

funny how some

of these things end up


I still get

an occasional chuckle

out of it




Author's Notes/Comments: 

25 year old musings

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I've been blaming the circumstances lately being entirely unfulfilling and it just ain't my time to thrive how people might expect of me. Yet methinks do rather well in the simplicity. No job, no motives, ambition, etc. And no hope for ever achieving these things, because the world seems gruelling enough. We're still expected to mature, make way, become better too. No matter what, it's enough to live. God knows what gifts to give, deserving or undeserving, and we rejoice through the wild wind satisfactorilly sustaining ourselves, despite the incredulity of being a man child like others often might condemn in blurry certainty. But we do well with our mad minds and perspective through everlasting changing force.

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Life is a combination of

Life is a combination of nature and nurture.  There are some circumstances beyond our control.  There are also many thinks that we can control.  I find it best to focus on the things I can control.  But we all have self doubt and insecurity.  Try to find some joy and laughter in the world and hopefully thinks will work out better for you.