I usually read poetry

when I’m in the john

I take the books

into the bathroom

to help pass the time


It’s a trick I learned

from Henry Miller

and it really helps

to utilize time

more efficiently


It’s saving time

that I’ll eventually lose

somewhere down the line

in another utterly, foolish way


I read a poem

here and there

and ponder the nuance

and the subtle wordplay

of the verse


but sometimes

I forget to bring

the book back with me

after I’m done

I leave it there

next to the toilet paper


sometimes I just

get too wrapped up

in my own shit.


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I Read Novels

This season's read: A Game of Thrones. This write could be construed as toilet paper poetry. :D. ~S~



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I have written poems on

I have written poems on toilet paper.  Probably not a wise admission in the age of Covid-19.