The pen

is my only recourse

for refuge

from this cage

in which

I am imprisoned


with mighty strokes

& lashes

I chop at the steel bars

that isolate me

from the free world


the shackles

impede my motion

force me into

involuntary stasis


and my eyes

refuse to see the key

I hold

right in my own hand


as the existential blahs

set in

and the sheer nonsense

is stupefying


nobody said

it would be easy

and it hasn’t been


I didn’t listen then

and I can’t hear now

as screams drone

into silence

a hum that has no meaning

and offers no solace


but I’m starting

to get it back

and remember

what it’s all about


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Excellent use of metaphor in

Excellent use of metaphor in this poem.


[* /+/ ^]

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much thanks for the praise. 

much thanks for the praise.  Glad you liked it

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Existential Blahs

A stage to get past to see fresh terrain. I keep asking:   What can I do? I have a few ideas. ;D



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Keep thinking and keep

Keep thinking and keep putting out those ideas.  thank you