I always have

to be careful

when I’m buying a lighter



I always end up

buying childproof lighters

& childproof lighters

are also Georgeproof


It’s such a drag

I go to my favorite

local, convenience store

I find the section

with a choice of lighters—

never buy a lighter

with any kind of design


I absentmindedly buy

a lighter without

checking it out

and then I’m stuck

with a childproof lighter


and that’s a real bitch

when I’m ready to light up

an expensive 99 cent cigar

and I can’t figure it out


and it’s even worse

when I’m trying

to smoke more pot

after I’m already stoned


I’m not even sure

if I should delve into that

after all, we must be

thinking about the children


that’s  what started

this whole mess

in the first place—

we always have to think

about the god damn children




allets's picture

"already stoned"

Assuredly, not a time to attempt ANYTHING!



georgeschaefer's picture

at least I didn't try to cook

at least I didn't try to cook a turkey or something like that.