She must be mad at me

cause I screwed one of her friends

It was an honest mistake

I try to explain


I meet two different ladies

at two different places

and the Gods were smiling on me

I score with the both of them


Suddenly, I find out

they know each other

and now neither of them

will even return my calls


talk about your bad luck

Who would have known?

Two casual dalliances hook up

and trade notes and form a pact


so now the stud has been shot down

I went from 2 for 2

to nada in a mere 11 days


and people always want

to know why I drink so much


I sit here alone with a beer

and don’t know why

they even have to ask.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem from the early 90's.  No such luck these days

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I Could Not Tell All

Nothing half as interesting to tell. ~S~



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always my luck

always my luck