When it’s an art

you’re willing

to live with the sunburn

and the lack of showers

just to get the experience

to get the word

down on the page

where it can do the most good

or the most harm

really depending

on your point of view

but for the art

you drink the brew

and don’t get enough sleep

and wander along the creek

under an unforgiving Vermont sun

that doesn’t have any more respect

for you as a poet

than the American public at large

which  is to say

no respect at all

the woods are lovely, dark and deep

but at this point

I don’t really think

we need to get into that

the experience

will benefit my art

that’s what I tell myself

as I get beaten alive

by an unforgiving Vermont sun




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Literary Retreat

Shut-in status: 5 novels ready for cooyright. Yes and under the unrelenting heat if isolation! Great writing. I miss the punctuation - but reading three times milks meaning usually :D



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Punctuation?  We don't need

Punctuation?  We don't need no stinkin' punctuation! to parphrase from a classic 1970's comedy.