Buried in delusion

languishing in despair

the fallen angels cry


the clear path uncharted

leaves and dense brush cloud trail

I follow in silence



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My Delusions

come in Technicolor, my leaf and debris strewn path is for swift kickings. I followed until I was eleven. Clarity is subjective. Thoughtful. ~S~ 



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I've been accused of living

I've been accused of living in my own world.  Well I created it.  I might as well live in it.

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yes!... give me more... feed

yes!... give me more... feed me... most hungrily.

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you know, this made me think

you know, this made me think of Paradise Lost... so i hurried into the dark livingroom with a flashlight to scour the bookshelf for the old worn paperback of Milton's magnum opus... the fallen angels, Lucifer and the like... very good!

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I read paradise lost (what

I read paradise lost (what feels like) centuries ago.  Everything I encounter leaves a stamp on my consciousness and I try to regurgitate into my own invention.  thank you for reading and commenting.