What is

my life worth

after all these hours

and all these years

that raced by

and stranded me

on a deserted island

of lost potential


It’s too sad

to even cry about



Author's Notes/Comments: 

early 90's musings

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Focusing on the poem itself,

Focusing on the poem itself, while it is poignant, it is also witness to the lost potential being redeemed by the excellent poetry you post here.


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thank you.  I try to explore

thank you.  I try to explore all facets of my life in my writing.  While I am usually pretty happy and content, there are also down moments and low periods.  I try to honestly convey all of it.

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To Have Lived

and traveled widely is noteworthy and enviable. Collecting wealth and property is another all "consuming" choice. Soc Security and retirement pay should equal working wages so that after 50-70 year's work a comfortable retirement. No. Owning land is still the best course. Cities have failed millions. Here, most end up selling property to rent, losing what they built. Not a good system. Huge corporations and franchises squeezed out family owned everything. Change is long overdue.



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The problems of the world are

The problems of the world are bigger than me but I can try to make things better for the people I encounter in my life.