does not answer

the call


one can sit

thru murks of darkness

       flashing of neon


     that prances


      the deserted highway


the truth

anabolic fraud

       of political



     It can not be spoken


lips are sealed

      and can’t be

         read even when

held to a light


July 29, 1991



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Excellent poem.  They told

Excellent poem.  They told me, years ago, that anything posted on the internet can never be fully deleted; that it will exist in some server somewhere as long as this form of communication and information storage exist.  Even deleting an item, later, from a website does not ensure its total deletion.  That bodes well for poets---as our work will not be as subject to the ravages of time, carelessness, or political suppression as a printed page, or even a manuscript, might be.

J9thxciv, fka Starward

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but what if the internet goes

but what if the internet goes down for good?  I want my privacy

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The Poet’s Plateau

To be heard 100 years from now when postmodern is read to understand this era. Our place in history. p.s. Loved the ending! :D



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I'll be happy if anyone is

I'll be happy if anyone is reading me in 100 hours.