Wondering Clint Eastwood

& John Wayne

& cowboy westerns

with a sense of apprehension

I pause to sit

think through the situation

in gunfire of 70’s

police shows

& while away hours

& days in this daze

       lost in space

the renewal of permit

       was denied

was kept down, held back

from achieving Nirvana



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Conditioned a generation. We all ate it up to our own detriment. ~S~



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but I never owned a gun

but I never owned a gun

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I Was Big

On cap guns. Loved the "pow" factor. Remember caps. Law and order comes at Christmas under kid's trees. This year give a book. ~S~



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I did have a water soaker gun

I did have a water soaker gun if that counts.  I was judicious in who I shot to be sure.