I’m listening

& I’m unimpressed

not buying into

the drivel I hear

blah blah babble

and gibberish resound


concreate neon signs

with sidewalks & stop signs


hindrance in daily affairs

of the heart and soul

with politicians on the make

selling their brand

of corrupt policies

and patterning

all thought

into one sequence

without hope

& leaving us

gasping for answers


seeking the truth



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If we all just become the

If we all just become the change we seek, the world will change. We are the world! Everything starts right where we are. You have a deep and powerful voice Wink

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funny thing is that I wrote

funny thing is that I wrote this in the early to mid 90's.  It takes on new meaning in America today.  thank you for reading and commenting

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I Listen

With a pailful of salt ready. "...selling their brand..." - that is a surity. ~S~



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I'm listening to the voices

I'm listening to the voices whispering in the wind