Wrestling just

ain’t what

it used to be.

I remember the legends:

Chief Jay Strongbow, Andre the Giant,

Freddie Blassie, Bruno Sammartino,

Don Leo Jonathan, Killer Kowalski,

the Valiant Brothers, Bobo Brazil

and on and on


these were guys—

nay these were men

that had some real wars;

real bloodbaths


and it was always funny

when a match was stopped

due to excessive bleeding


the wrestler would protest

the big line was,

“I’ve been cut worse shaving.”

I can bleed some more


Now as a polytheist pagan

who likes ritualistic violence

I don’t accept the notion

of stopping a match

because of excessive bloodshed


the wrestler wants to continue

and the crowd is

basically a bunch

of sick, twisted, bloodthirsty morons

and me

so let the match go on


but to the guys that say

they’ve been cut worse shaving

might I make

a small suggestion:


you really ought

consider growing a beard


It’ll reduced your risk

of tetanus, gangrene

& you’ll feel

a whole hell

of a lot better

not losing the blood

so unnecessarily




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I Remember

The Shiek, Dick The Bruiser. Sitting at the knee of Unkka Buf, grandma Stella's second husband. Bo Bo Brazil was the black wrestler. So fun, names pretty much of their late 50s to early 1960's time. Tag teams were the best. ~S~



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Dick the Bruiser, Verne

Dick the Bruiser, Verne Gagne, The Sheik, BoBo Brazil, Nick Bockwinkle, Baron von Raschke:  the old AWA.  good memories.