2:26 AM



So now that

I’m sitting here

all fucked up

at 2:26 AM

and not really

sure what’s

going on


I tell myself

“Hey, don’t worry

You damn pot smoking drunk;

It’s all right.”


and I find a way

to believe myself

there’s still an unempty can of beer

on the bureau

waiting to be sucked down


It does seem a little strange

that I can’t focus

on Brautigan

or Exely

and my NG story

on Jefferson

was beyond me


I at least picked up

something and if not

then I tune in

at a later for a reread

Meanwhile I’ll

just finish this beer

and continue the dream

of being for real




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The Existentialist

For real as a summons to support reality. To be in favor of "for" real. - maybe :D 



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I always fancied myself a

I always fancied myself a romantic existentialist