I’ve never had visions of Blake
There’s nothing cosmic or ethereal

             in my heart

I’ve never been to Eden, Nirvana,

             Utopia or Electric Ladyland


I’ve never healed the sick

I’ve never changed to course of rivers

              or moved mountains

I don’t carry the weight of the world

              on my shoulders


Magic doesn’t enter into my realm

I can’t wave a wand or cast a spell

              on anyone

No magic elixir; no mystic potion

               for me to use


So then what is all the to do

Hell, if I know though it does feel

               rather nice

Attention spent is rather pleasant

               & I accept it


Without magic or powers I will try—

I try to still be something better;

                something better

Never knowing if it’s enough, I proceed

                 just the same



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Is There

an electric gentlemanland somewhere? I might need that address. :D




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Electric Ladyland is the

Electric Ladyland is the title of Jimi Hendrix' 3rd album and it was also a recording studio that Hendrix built.