It’s come down to this:

I am a defeated man

beaten down by fate


That’s something many

viewed as destiny

while others still

foresee eventual glory


The pen is still

entrenched in hand;

perhaps that is

a victory in itself


but I no longer

possess the sharp edge

or the concise wit


My vision is numbed

and vomiting out

chunks of ideas

utterly unusable


I guess we all

end up falling one day

It’s a bummer

it came so soon for me



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I am sorry you have had to

I am sorry you have had to feel like this.  I think it is one of those paths of life all of us must tread.


[* /+/ ^]

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We all have our ups and

We all have our ups and downs.  No use pretending we're always on cloud nine

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I Deny Failure And Defeat


If I can take a deep breath - VICTORY!!! Besides, with economy crumbling the "winners" will learn perseverance from us. Ha! ~S~



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that $1,200 one off check

that $1,200 one off check will solve everything.